Independent since 1998

An international business firm

Since its creation in 1998, the firm has been committed to building a tailor-made relationship with its clients, whether they are companies or individuals, in order to offer them a service suitable to their needs, both in terms of advice and litigation, while reconciling legal, economic and human concerns.

The diversity of our clients (French and foreign companies, listed and unlisted, managers and individuals) and of their business lines is the guarantee of our independence and of our ability to deal with a variety of issues while charging fees that are appropriate to each client's situation.

The results-driven culture and the culture of secrecy and trust that bind us to our clients allow us to accompany them in their innovations, projects, litigation and strategic decisions as well as in the context of complex cases, by partnering with their internal teams or by helping them build ad hoc teams, bringing together other players in the legal, consulting or communication fields.

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Lawyer at the court +

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