PRD Avocats has recognized expertise in advising and litigating in the field of employment law, particularly in the following areas

Individual labour relations

  • Establishing the contract : negotiation, promise to hire, choice of contract (fixed-term or permanent), drafting of sensitive clauses in the employment contract, working hours, optimisation of remuneration, management packageIn addition to the above, the Group has a number of other initiatives to promote employee shareholding, employee shareholding and employee savings, the combination of an employment contract and a corporate mandate, the combination of employment and retirement, etc.
  • Contract life and career management : endorsements, variable compensation, promotion, training, annual interview and evaluation management, delegation of powers and criminal liability, transfer, professional mobility within the group or international mobility, advice on the application of regulations (internal regulations and disciplinary law, IT and ethics charters, paid leave, maternity leave, parental leave or other, etc.)
  • The end of the contract : resignation, termination of contract, judicial termination, contractual termination, contractual clauses, dismissal, negotiation and transaction, litigation procedure

Collective bargaining and industrial relations

  • Assistance in change management
  • Support in the assumption of duties by managers
  • Establishment, operation and management of staff and trade union representation
  • Duration and organization of working time
  • Mandatory negotiations and consultations
  • Conclusion and interpretation of collective agreements
  • Information

Risky, complex or cross-cutting issues and disputes

  • Occupational health, psycho-social risks
  • Moral and sexual harassment
  • Discrimination, professional equality
  • Obstruction, warning or withdrawal rights
  • Absenteeism, unfitness for work, occupational accidents and diseases
  • Unfair competition, poaching, co-activity
  • Violations of image, privacy, personality rights and personal data

Audits & Training

The firm carries out social audits and provides training or participates in seminars or conferences on all these issues. The programme is tailor-made and combines law with methodology on risk prevention and litigation management.